Atelier Minimalist is a seasonless brand, producing in small quantities throughout the year. This allows for experiments with new fabric combinations and colors while focusing on quality construction and deliberate slowness - a rebellion against fast fashion and quickly fading trends.

All garments are designed and made in Antwerp (Belgium).

We offer two variations, distinct in personality yet perfectly complementary:

Our Brut collection represents Atelier Minimalist at its essence. These designs are timeless in their simplicity, subtly blending organic and geometric forms for a modern look. Focusing on both structure and softness, our fabrics are thoughtfully chosen and expertly tailored to highlight the natural curves of the body.

Our Mosaic collection features the same models as the Brut collection with added patchwork accents, which often include remnant and upcycled fabrics. These patchwork details are finely crafted to highlight the unique structure and character of each fabric for an extra touch of luxury. Old and new are combined deliberately.


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